With Edgar Wright's terrific Baby Driver  in the running for the Golden Globes (and in talks for an Oscar or two)—he proves how integral a great soundtrack can be for a film. The music is something that can enhance the emotions in a scene—from the romantic to the terrifying. And if the wrong song is paired with the wrong scene—well, all bets are off. We're entering awards season, meaning great flicks (and predictably great soundtracks) are being released, but first, let's look back at the classics that set the stage for the next generation of amazing movies and their soundtrack counterparts. 

So, let's celebrate the superior sounds of cinema with The 50 Greatest Movie Soundtracks of All Time. Before anyone screams out, "Yo, where da fuck is da Godfather ova heah?!" we're talking strictly songs, no scores (that's another list!). So what takes the prize?