According to DeadlineSteven Spielberg will cast Seth Rogen in the role of his favorite uncle, which is a role described as “a major” one, in a film that Spielberg’s loosely basing upon his time growing up in Arizona.

The film is yet to get a title, but Deadline adds that Rogen joins a cast which will have Michelle Williams filling a part inspired by the filmmaker’s mom. 

Due to the fact that he would know his own childhood better than anybody else, Spielberg will also fill the role of screenwriter. By doing so this will be the first time since 2001, when he did A.I, that Spielberg will do that.

Tony Kushner, who’s written many Spielberg movies, will co-write.

Shooting will begin this summer, and the movie is expected to come out at some point in 2022. 

Deadline notes that, despite the nature of this headline/write-up, the casting process follows the Spielberg playbook by being super confidential. Two major adult roles are now known, though it’s still not clear who will play the movie’s “children at multiple age levels.” 

Spielberg has previously spoken about how his upbringing in Arizona shaped themes/characters in his films throughout his career. 

On the Rogen side of things, he and his business partner (Evan Goldberg) brought their cannabis/housewares company to the U.S. after products from there were previously exclusive to Canada. The site for that company made headlines a week-and-a-half ago when it crashed due to high demand. 

On May 11, he’ll also publish his first book, Yearbook, which will be comprised of true stories and essays. 

Stay tuned for more details regarding the upcoming movie.