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Robert Durst, real estate heir and suspected serial killer, said during his testimony for his murder trial on Tuesday that he regrets making an appearance on HBO’s 2015 series The Jinx, when he was famously recorded saying, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

It was a “very, very, very, big mistake,” Durst told the jury on Tuesday. The quote came from the sixth episode of the 2015 series, where Durst now claims he was saying something else in reaction to the evidence that he had written the note to police alerting them of Susan Berman’s body.

“What I did not say out loud, or perhaps I said very softly, is they’ll all think I killed them all of course,” Durst claims he actually said.

Robert Durst was accused of killing his longtime friend, Susan Berman, in Los Angeles 2000, his first wife who disappeared in New York in 1982, Kathleen McCormack Durst, and his neighbor, Morris Black, who was killed in Texas in 2001.

HBO’s The Jinx was a series about Durst and his alleged murders. He claims that after watching the fifth episode of the series, he fled to New Orleans to kill himself. “I was going to shoot myself,” he said. The FBI arrested Durst in New Orleans before the show’s finale.

After pleading not guilty to the murder of Susan Berman, his first trial began on March 4. However, after a series of delays due to the pandemic, the Superior Court of California said that the proceedings would be delayed from May 26 to June 23, and later delayed a third time in July.