Number of Seasons: 1
Release Date: Sept. 17, 2021
Number of Hours Viewed: 142 million

The series that sparked this conversation once again, and for good reason, Squid Game currently stands alone. While these viewership records normally cover the first four weeks, none of these series have shot up like Squid Game has. The overwhelming positive acclaim spawned viral challenges and memes to spring up on TikTok and bleed into the rest of the internet. The series that made white slip-on Vans scarce may come with warnings for watching the series while eating (or basically doing anything), but it has the world buzzing, making it the first Korean to top Netflix’s global most-viewed chart, with 111 million viewers tuning in over the first 17 days the series was available (with that number jumping to 142 million 11 days later).

Squid Game may be a hard series to top. Things don’t normally blow up like this. Never say never, but Squid Game could be holding the crown or a while.