The Creed III panel went down at ComplexCon this past weekend and Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors were in the building to share all the details about their upcoming film. Journalist Gerrick D. Kennedy hosted the panel, which marked the first time the two actors have done an interview together since it was announced that Jordan was reprising his role as Adonis Creed and Majors was playing his childhood friend, Damien. After viewing the trailer, a room full of fans got to listen in on the behind-the-scenes details of making the movie, what Jordan had in mind for the story, and the link between their characters. 

Jordan is also stepping into a new role this time around and will be making his feature directorial debut with Creed III, which hits theaters on March 3, 2023. His longtime collaborator, Ryan Coogler, directed the first and served as an executive producer for the second and third installments. (Steven Caple Jr. directed Creed II.) Now that Jordan was at the helm, he knew he had to surround himself with other talent and actors that could help him carry some of the massive weight that these films hold, and Majors was the man for the job. Jordan wanted to take this story further by delving deeper into Adonis’ earlier years and the traumas he and Damien experienced together before he made it as a boxing champion.  

Creed is a family movie. How you treat family, your experiences with them, and the ups and the downs. It is never perfect, but they’re family. That, mixed with who you are as a person and what defines you,” Jordan said during the panel. “Identity has always been a big thing throughout the Creed films. Figuring out who you are sounds cliche but it’s sort of at the core of things that I want people to take away.”

Jordan and Majors shared some exclusive details about the movie, like Dreamville executive producing the movie’s soundtrack and way more. Check out some of the highlights of what we learned from the Creed III ComplexCon panel below.