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The mother of former child actor Matthew Mindler is hoping to raise awareness about a deadly compound her son used to claim his own life. 

Mindler died at the age of just 19-years-old in August. Per TMZ, the Lancaster County Medical Examiner’s Office says Mindler’s death has been ruled a suicide via an intentional overdose leading to sodium nitrate toxicity. 

Sodium nitrate is an oxidizing agent that is usually used to preserve foods. It becomes fatal when it limits the amount of oxygen a human needs to breathe, a side effect usually caused by hypotension. Most sodium nitrate deaths are accidental, but Mindler’s mom, Monica, followed the trail of events leading up to Matthew’s death that proved he accessed the substance to commit suicide. 

Monica tells TMZ that she searched Mindler’s internet history and found that her son was researching the compound in relation to suicide and how to use it to die painlessly. He was able to buy enough doses to kill close to four people on Amazon for under $20. Monica is hoping that telling her son’s story will help parents see the warning signs as well as know what they should be looking for. 

Mindler’s body was found by Millersville University school officials where he was a freshman. He is best known for his work in 2011’s Our Idiot Brother as well as having a role on As the World Turns.