Valentine’s Day is still weeks away, but love appears to be in the air for Kourtney Kardashian and her boo, famed drummer Travis Barker

The Blink-182 musician and reality star are reportedly dating after years of friendship and relationship rumors. According to People, the two enjoyed a romantic trip to Palm Springs together last weekend. They both shared content from the trip on their Instagram story. 

"They're in Palm Springs together. They've been dating for about a month or two," an inside source told the magazine. "They've been friends for a long time but it's turned romantic."

Barker is the father of three kids with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler, who he separated from in 2008. Meanwhile, Kourt is the mother of three, who she co-parents with her ex, Scott Disick. The eldest Kardashian and Lord Disick broke things off back in 2015. 

Kardashian and Barker have been friends for a while, but they previously denied rumors that their relationship was anything but platonic.

"Kourtney's like a dear friend. That's it," Barker told People in 2019. "I mean, I love her to death. I love her family to death. But yeah, just friends.”

That reportedly changed in December, when they decided to take their relationship to the next level. The "smitten" new couple has now been commenting adorable messages on each other's Instagram accounts. 

"It's been very low-key," one source told E!. "They are a really good match, and Kourtney's entire family already loves Travis. They have been neighbors and great friends for years, and it just recently turned romantic."

Barker has previously been spotted on a few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a friend of the family. Sources say the drummer has had a crush on Kourtney for a minute. 

"Travis has always had an eye for Kourtney," a source said. "The chemistry and flirtation has always been there. They have a lot in common, and Kourtney has always been attracted to how Travis is as a parent. He's an amazing, hands-on dad, and Kourtney loves that about him. They love relaxing at home with their kids, and everyone gets along. It's going well, and they aren't putting pressure on it being super serious at this point."