The first batch of Hulu’s The Kardashians wound down on Thursday with the premiere of “Enough Is Enough,” an episode that—as expected—picked up right where last week’s Tristan Thompson-centered closing moments left off.

As previously reported, last week’s episode gave viewers a look at the moment Kim Kardashian—who was in the middle of an early morning workout at the time—learned of the whole Tristan and Maralee Nichols infidelity situation. At the top of the latest episode, Kim is seen giving her sister a call to discuss the news-making revelation, with Khloé heard saying she “can’t fucking believe this.” After Kim consoles her sister over the phone, she tells viewers it’s time for another “family meeting” on the topic.

While Khloé ultimately skips that meeting, she opens up on the cheating throughout the episode, including in a testimonial featuring her thoughts on finding out about such dalliances “with the rest of the world” instead of being given a heads-up.

“I’m fine,” she tells Kim at one point. “Is it the most fucked up thing that this has to happen so publicly every fucking time in my life? Yes. Isn’t it so fucked up that society blames me or [other] women? It’s disgusting and, like, deplorable of these people [to do that].”

But it’s an exchange between the two sisters toward the end of the episode that’s been given the TMZ excerpt treatment. After revealing that she recently spoke on the phone with Tristan about what happened, Khloé gets candid while agreeing with Kim that it’s “sad” that Tristan let this happen while on what they described as a redemption journey.

“No, it is sad. I’m like, wow, you really just, like, fucked up your life,” she tells Kim. As for Kim’s suggestion of simply keeping one’s dick in one’s pants, Khloé also agrees.

“You would think. … You either wear a condom, get a vasectomy, or you don’t fuck random people that you meet in other states,” she tells her sister during the final moments of the new episode. “It’s not, like, rocket science.”

For the full "Enough Is Enough" experience, which also includes footage of a holiday-themed recording session with Kris Jenner and Travis Barker, hit this link.