Kevin Hart sat down with Will Smith on the latest episode of Red Table Talk, and opened up about life in the spotlight.

In a 45-minute discussion, Smith and Hart revisited their biggest scandals and dissected how they negatively impacted their children. Hart opened up specifically about his unearthed homophobic tweets from a few years ago that cost him an Oscar-hosting opportunity. He also addressed how him being caught cheating on his wife while she was pregnant affected his daughter.

“My talk with [my daughter] Heaven...that was one like no other,” he said. “Getting my daughter back, getting my daughter to understand that I was sorry that I made a mistake; that was real...Until this day, my daughter is tough on me.” Hart went on to say that his daughter was also upset about the resurfaced tweets because she couldn’t understand how the public could be so nasty to her father. “And it was tough, because this was when I started to realize how my fame has an impact on my household.”

Smith chimed in to say that he and Jada have made themselves be “really open” about the public life they lead. “We’ve found that, with our kids, we just tell them everything,” Smith said. “We just try to get out ahead of it so the kids know before the world knows. We’ve had a couple get to the kids before we had a chance, and that’s excruciating.”

Hart sympathized, saying, “I’ve never been able to get to the kids first.” He explained that “every child has the internet,” and “there’s nothing that you’re gonna come across...that isn’t gonna have an impression [on them].” Hart added that many people “want this seat” but don't know what responsibilities come with it. “You gotta be aware,” he said. “That, to me, is the hardest shit in the world.”