Over the weekend, some observers on social media sensed there was trouble in paradise for Kanye West and Julia Fox, with the latter deleting some pictures of them from her Instagram.

Fox took to her IG Stories on Sunday to shut down the rumors. In a short video, the 32-year-old Uncut Gems actress explained why she unfollowed Kardashian fan accounts and removed photos of herself with Ye.

“Guys, relax,” she said. “I unfollowed the fan accounts because I was tired of seeing myself, okay? Suddenly Instagram was not a fun place anymore. And I took the fucking photos down because I read the comments and everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, you clearly only posted photos where you looked good in.’”

It isn’t the first time Fox has been forced to defend her nascent relationship with West. During a recent episode of her Forbidden Fruits podcast, she addressed critics who think she’s dating Kanye for “fame,” “clout,” and “money.”

“It’s funny cause I’m getting all of this attention, but I really couldn’t care,” Fox explained. “People are like, ‘Oh, you’re only in it for the fame, you’re in it for the clout, you’re in it for the money.’ Honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life, let’s keep it real.”

The actress added, “When I was younger, I was such an attention seeker. I mean like ‘climb on top of the bar.’ It was always like ‘eyes on me.’ I had to get on stage at the concert. I had to make everything about me—every situation about me. And as I got older and did work on myself, now I don’t need it or care for it or think about it. I don’t read any of the headlines or even see [them]. I just don’t really care.”