Julia Fox has clarified what really happened between her and Drake—sort of.

On Friday’s episode of her podcast Forbidden Fruits, she told co-host Niki Takesh, “He’s a great guy and a gentleman and that was it.” She continued, “Nothing really happened. We were just, like, friends hanging out….Yeah, like I wouldn’t say that we were dating,” adding that that was “fully 2020, like, two years ago,” per E! News.

While Drake and Fox’s current beau, Kanye West, did have some beef, she said, “I feel like they’ve squashed their issues.” She continued, “Obviously when I first started speaking to Ye, like on the phone, I told him, like, immediately, like I think on the first day before it went any further because I’m just an honest person, I guess.”

Last late month, Page Six reported that Fox and Drake had a short-lived fling, which saw the two spending time with each other in New York and Los Angeles, before she visited the rapper at his Toronto mansion. However, her trip was cut short due to COVID-19; she was in Canada and the U.S. was closing its border in early 2020.

Fox and Ye have been hot and heavy for the past month, with them celebrating the actress’ 32nd birthday on Thursday night at the Lucien bistro in Manhattan. Fox’s friends gathered for the special occasion—and while she reportedly received two Birkins from Drake in the past—Kanye gifted not only her a Baby Birkin, but gave some to her friends too.

“Kanye is really into Julia and they have been inseparable recently,” an insider close to Kanye told E! News. “When they are not together in person, they are communicating all day. He is really enjoying her company and likes her spirit. Kanye thinks Julia brings out his creativity and loves having her around. He has expressed he loves her vibe.”

Listen to the episode of Forbidden Fruits below.