Heather McDonald recently fainted in the middle of one of her stand-up shows, and now she’s shared a video of the moment.

The comedian, who also served as a writer on Chelsea Lately, revealed that she fractured her skull as a result of the fall. As she originally shared on her podcast Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, she made a joke about being vaccinated against COVID-19 at a show in Tempe, Arizona over the weekend before she collapsed onstage.

“I don’t mean to brag, I don’t care…but I want you to know; double-vaxxed, booster, flu shot, and I’m gonna be honest I have the shingle shot too,” the 51-year-old told the audience. “And I still get my period! Travelled, went to Mexico twice. Did shows, did meet-and-greets, never got COVID. Clearly, Jesus loves me the most.”

She then stumbled for a moment before abruptly taking a nasty fall.

In a statement provided to People, McDonald's representatives said she was "admitted to a local hospital" and has undergone tests to determine what caused her to lose consciousness. "Thus far the test have revealed no underlying medical issues that may have precipitated this event," added the rep, who also stressed that her fainting does not appear to be connected to COVID-19.

As some people in the audience told TMZ, many believed her fall to be part of the act because of what she said just before falling.

“I cannot believe this happened,” said McDonald in a video shared on her Instagram Stories.

So far, CT scans have not flagged any issues, but she did suffer from internal bleeding in her head, and has two black eyes from the incident.