The custody battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is taking an ugly turn. 

An insider close to Brad Pitt told Page Six that the actor was “heartbroken” to learn that Jolie is preparing to testify about his alleged spousal abuse during a child custody trial. 

“Brad is heartbroken that Angelina has gone that route. There’s a lot of emotion left after their marriage,” the source said before explaining that Pitt has owned up to his actions and is in a different space now that he’s stopped drinking. Yet, Jolie is not willing to follow his lead and take accountability for her flaws. 

“He has taken responsibility for his actions and owned up to his past issues, he’s stopped drinking and smoking, but she has never admitted any failing whatsoever,” the insider continued. “The marriage was very passionate and toxic at times and — like all couples — they had fights, but also shared many good times together.”

Pitt and Jolie were separated and divorced in 2019, yet there is still a bitter fight for the custody of their six children. Earlier this month, reports leaked claiming that Jolie and her children are willing to testify and offer “proof and authority in support” of her allegations of spousal abuse.

Although her legal team claims to have proof, the source explains that Pitt was never arrested or charged with domestic violence during their near 15-year-long relationship. Pitt did have a physical confrontation with their 19-year-old son, Maddox, but he reportedly believes the leak is a personal attack against him. 

“Brad has never been arrested and charged for anything and there’s never been a police report about any allegations of spousal abuse. There was the widely-publicized plane incident, but he was never charged,” the source explained. “Brad and his camp has never attacked Angelina. But his camp feels this leak was calculated to sway opinion ahead of the conclusion of their trial. Brad feels like he’s being more and more isolated from his children, and he’s devastated about it.”

The trial is inching towards a conclusion. Many believe that the private judge—who Jolie has tried to remove from the case—will make their ruling this month. Pitt is currently fighting for 50/50 custody of their children.