Being tasked to rank anything in 2020 is hard, primarily because of how terrible this year has been. You know what makes things a bit easier? Being tasked to showcase the best memes to hit your respective timelines in 2020. Why? Because this is how we dealt with 2020.

Look, there was a lot to be sad about this year, so much so that we’d rather not upset you any further by noting it all right now. That said, meme culture has made it easier to deal with hardships and pain during a year when so many of us have been sitting at home for months. One cannot live on Netflix alone. Being able to send up those hardships and that strife via a perfectly executed meme is one of the few joys we get on these social media platforms.

From how our 2020 plans were taken from us to cake to the Verzuz battles and more, there was humor to be found throughout social media. Here are the best memes of 2020.