A Kid's Faulty Hoverboard Exploded and Burnt down Her Family Home

Falling off is not the most dangerous thing about hoverboards.

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I know what you’re thinking—hoverboards are so 2015. They’re no longer legal on UK streets, and there have been reports of counterfeit swegways being seized at customs in both the US and the UK, due to unsafe plugs and fuses.

And it seems that spontaneous combustion could be the real danger of hoverboards, not falling on your arse. On Monday night, an Australian family home was burnt to the ground after their daughter’s board caught fire. The Melbourne family said it had been charging for just ten minutes when combusted, and caused a major fire. Luckily all the family members, and their pets, escaped unharmed, but their house was still left destroyed.

The father, Ash Ibraheim, told ABC News that it wasn’t a dodgy board he’d got down the pub or anything. “They were Christmas presents, all Australian compliant,” he said. “We heard there were a lot of imported versions that weren't complying, so we wanted to make sure we got the right thing. We're just grateful it didn't happen while the girls were sleeping in the bedroom. It all happened in a matter of eight to 10 minutes.

“No more hoverboards.”

[via Mashable]

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