'Luke Cage' Star Mike Colter's Daughter Bosses Him Around

Mike Colter may play an unbreakable superhero on the Netflix series, 'Marvel's Luke Cage,' but that doesn't stop him from being his daughter's "little gopher" in real life.

Mike Colter plays the super strong and unbreakable Luke Cage in the hit Netflix show. But in real life, he's a "little gopher" to his 3-year-old daughter, Niella, who Colter says is like "6 years old mentally."

During his stop on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colter said his daughter doesn't know her dad is a superhero but she does know that he's in charge of packing the snacks.

"I'm her little gopher is what I am," he said. "We go to the car and she gives me a checklist. She's like dad, you know, do you have my water bottle? Do you have my snacks? My crackers? Buckle me up dad."

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He continued: "The other day she told me 'Dad, that's not very respectable what you're saying to me.'" It turns out Colter raised his voice at his little girl but she wasn't having it. "She had me cause it wasn't," he said. "She said, 'Dad that's not how you talk to me.'"

At least a few Harlemites still respect Colter's alter-ego. It helps that he gained 35 pounds for the role, which he's mentioned previously in Men's Journal. Even Colbert couldn't help but to talk about it, saying when he greeted Colter and patted his back, it was "like slapping a brick wall." "I was a nice model size before I got this role. I was a nice lean, lean fellow. I put on about 35 pounds for the role," Colter said.

Marvel's Luke Cage dropped its second season on Netflix Friday.

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