CBS Anchor Julie Chen Recreates Iconic 'Big Brother' GIF of Da'Vonne Rogers Exiting the House

The gif of Da'Vonne Rogers walking through the exit for 'Big Brother' is one of the most popular ones used for memes. Now, Julie Chen is recreating it for the Big Brother's 20th season.

Many people may know Da'Vonne Rogers for competing as a house guest on Big Brother season 17 and again in season 18. But she became immortalized in social media when she came through a door with a wide smile, a pep in her step, and an overall movement that translated to "surprise!" in a bad way when she was evicted from the Big Brother House in season 17 back in 2015.

Since then, tweeters have been using the clip as a GIF to make memes about times when they (or others) make unexpected and unwanted appearances. And now, as Big Brother's 20th season is almost upon us, CBS anchor and producer Julie Chen is celebrating by recreating the moment.

"I maaayyyyyy have decided to recreate some of my favorite gifs from #BigBrother as we countdown to #BB20," read her tweet with a link to a clip of her coming through the door in the same manner. "RT if you know this one !!!" It's got over 2,000 retweets since it was posted.

And for fun's sake, a tweeter, who identifies as a "lover" of CBS reality shows, created a side-by-side comparison for those who may not have got the reference right away.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Rogers approves. "yes Julie GIRL !!!" she tweeted.

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