Jessica Jones' Season 2 Trailer Teases Hellcat (And Maybe the Return of Kilgrave)

Netflix just dropped the 'Jessica Jones' season 2 trailer.

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The snarky heavy-drinking heroine known as Jessica Jones is back. After defeating her mind-controlling rapist, Kilgrave, in season 1 and taking down the Hand in The Defenders, Jones will be facing her past in the upcoming season.

In the new trailer, it's revealed that Jones' entire family was killed in a car accident and her super-strength powers were a "side effect" of an experiment that brought her back to life. But while she's investigating "17 years of questions," she won't be alone. The trailer hints that Jones' BFF, Trish, may finally take on her Hellcat persona and start fighting crime as well.

"Jessica might not want a sidekick, but she needs one," says Trish as the clip shows her fighting off bad guys.


In addition to dealing with her past, Jones also must deal with her new fandom, or fandom-by-association. In the trailer, a kid hilariously asks whether or not she knows Captain America, making it one of the few explicit tie-ins with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But it's the end of the trailer that has us on our toes. As a purple light shines on her, Jones looks towards a set of hands that are slowly clapping for her. We're wondering if this might signal the return of Kilgrave, who is also known as the Purple Man in the comics. It could just as easily be an entirely new villain.

Luckily, we won't have to wait too long to find out. Jessica Jones' season 2 is set to have you binging all 13 episodes on March 8.

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