Will Forte Confirms 'MacGruber 2' Plans on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

'MacGruber 2' is gearing up to save cinema, as Will Forte confirms his plans for the sequel.

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Making one's way through the barrage of sequels and reboots and "continuations" that currently dominate the cinematic landscape can get a little exhausting, but we finally have some official word on a sequel that's actually worth our time: MacGruber 2. The 2010 original, which boasts some of Val Kilmer's finest work, has been due for a second chapter for a super long time now. So what gives? Will Forte chopped it up about the sequel's status with Seth Meyers on Monday's Late Night, noting that he's currently working diligently to make it all happen.

"It is true," Forte said when Meyers asked if director Jorma Taccone's recent tease was to be trusted. "I mean, it's a very rough early draft of the script. But we are trying to do it. We had a great time making the first one. If anybody would let us do it!" Forte added that he and Taccone is "working as hard as we can" to make MacGruber a real thing that actually exists "hopefully soon."

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Taccone tweeted some serious teasery Monday, showing that he and Forte were deep in writing mode and had already produced a "super duper rough" draft dated Sept. 17. Forte's original plan, as he revealed to the Wrap last year, was to simply move right into MacGruber 2 if his (definitely good and worth checking out) FOX comedy The Last Man on Earth didn't get picked up for another season. "It seems like we have a realistic shot at getting [MacGruber 2] made," Forte said at the time. "We have a loose outline of the first couple of acts, which we're really excited about."

If you skipped out on MacGruber during its initial run back in 2010, despite the fact that it's easily one of the greatest films ever produced by a human being, now's a good time to hop to it and get caught up. MacGruber 2 season is steadily approaching.

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