Watch People Grow Convinced They're Stoned Off Fake 'Incredible Edible'

Edibles, of course, usually take a little bit to really kick in and make life worth living. With the totally made-up "Incredible Edible," however, the high is promised within five seconds.

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For those of us randomly lucky enough to reside in recreationally legal states, getting stoned as fuck in public is often an everyday thing. In Los Angeles, for example, it's not that hard—though technically still frowned upon by pigs—to just light up on the beach, at a restaurant's outdoor seating area, or right outside the theater while you wait to catch Sorry to Bother You for the third time.

Though doing this comes with the problematic reality check that a lot of people are still locked up with their lives potentially ruined because of bogus weed-related charges, it's still a staple of the legal state lifestyle. Also a staple? People who, for reasons not entirely clear, will go out of their way to act way more stoned than they actually are. In fact, as Jimmy Kimmel showed in a new edition of "Lie Witness News" "High Witness News" Monday night, a camera and the promise of an instant edible high is enough to make some people convinced they're high when they've literally only consumed entirely weed-free candy.


"If you've ever been to one of these shops, you know that there are hundreds of different products out there: smokeables, edibles, vape pens, patches," Kimmel told his audience Monday night. "You name it, they make it. So we decided to have a little bit of fun with that."

To do so, Kimmel sent his team out to Venice Beach to ask self-proclaimed weed enthusiasts to try a totally made-up product called the Incredible Edible. Actual edibles, of course, take a little bit to kick in and inspire you to reevaluate, say, the Maroon 5 discography. This fictional Incredible Edible, however, preposterously promises a high within five seconds.

As you might expect, participants are easily able to convince themselves of a nonexistent high with descriptions like "a little wavy," "definitely more of a body high," and "pretty strong." See for yourself via the video up top. Also, for added enjoyment, note the dude in the background around the 2:52 mark who spots the camera and quite awkwardly makes sure he gets some goddamn screen time.

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