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Jimmy Kimmel thinks Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge has gone too far, and honestly, he’s not wrong. The dance routine Shiggy created has taken a dangerous turn for the worse, as people are now falling out of cars attempting to participate in this viral movement.

For example:

So Kimmel is pitching a boring, but safer challenge called #TheLightChallenge, which is basically just buckling up and slowing down for yellow lights while driving. “Remember, when the light is yella, slow down hella,” Kimmel tells the audience.

The late night host recruited Ty Dolla Sign to help launch this new challenge, and provide some comic relief. The name of this challenge also conveniently serves as promo for Jeremih and Ty Dolla Sign’s new track “The Light.” Well played.

“And when it’s brown, flush it down,” Ty adds.

In other news, Ty has been dominating other artists' tracks since he released Beach House 3 last fall. In addition to “The Light,” he recently appeared on Drake's Scorpion and Fabolous’ “Ohh Yea,” also collaborating with 24hrs Connect for “Still Down.”

Earlier this month, Teyana Taylor also revealed her plans to make a joint album with Ty—talk about Taylor Gang.