Tyrese Is Really Keeping This Fake Kidnapping Situation Going

Comedian Michael Blackson continues to be at the center of a very weird Tyrese performance art situation.

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At this point, we have to admit Tyrese is engaging in some seriously entertaining performance art, right? A presumably overpaid TMZ lurker caught footage of Tyrese and comedian Michael Blackson at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills Monday night. Though it's not difficult to imagine why the two were spotted at Mr. Chow, as the food is delicious and the Warholian ambiance is 👌, the nature of their appearance is certainly inspiring some question marks.

Hours before dining on Chinese, LAPD officers reportedly hit up Tyrese's home after clearly staged videos on Blackson's Instagram account showed the comedian tied up while Tyrese calmly ingested ramen. The officers, TMZreported Monday, were told by Tyrese's security that the aforementioned clearly staged videos were indeed clearly staged and that Blackson was very much in on the joke.


Still, Tyrese kept the art going when he posted a screenshot of the original TMZ story on Blackson's Instagram account claiming he had paid off the LAPD. He followed that jovial claim with another ramen clip, this time complete with a cozy blanket:

Monday night's footage sees Tyrese controlling Blackson's every move, ultimately placing him in a blackout SUV outside the restaurant. Blackson, notably, is wearing one of Tyrese's much-discussed Shayla Rocks hoodies. The TMZ lurker even asked Blackson if he's being held against his will, an inquiry which received no response.

So what the fuck is going on here? No idea, but it's infinitely more entertaining than the entire Transformers franchise combined.

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