Timothée Chalamet Bestows Title of 'Ultimate Rizzmaster' on Tom Holland

Seems like we're closing out 2023 with a slew of speculative rizz talk.

timothee chalamet and tom holland pictured
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timothee chalamet and tom holland pictured

Timothée Chalamet has dubbed Tom Holland “the ultimate rizzmaster,” despite the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor having previously gone on the record as disagreeing with any such assessment.

During a recent appearance on LADbible's "Agree to Disagree" YouTube series, Chalamet, whose next surefire hit Wonka opens this week, was tasked with stating whether he agreed with the assertion that he is “better looking” than Holland. Chalamet firmly disagreed with the statement, due namely to that aforementioned "rizzmaster" distinction.

"Tom is the ultimate rizzmaster," Chalamet said. "Internet knows this, Zendaya knows this, everyone knows this. Ultimate rizzmaster."

From there, Chalamet and fellow segment participant Keegan-Michael Key were played an older clip of Holland being hit with a similar inquiry in a prior interview. In the clip, Holland said that Chalamet was “better looking” than him.

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As you may or may not recall depending on your level of rizz-related viral video knowledge, Holland made headlines earlier this year when he declared in a FuzzBeed clip that he had “no rizz whatsoever.” The video was later referenced in Oxford University Press' decision to name "rizz" the word of the year for 2023.

Rizz mathematics aside, it’s been a hell of a year to be a fellow member of the TC club. While the Dune sequel was unfortunately delayed until next year, the aforementioned Wonka, fresh off a wave of strong reviews, is hitting theaters just in time for the holiday boom. 

In promotion of the film, Chalamet recently hosted Saturday Night Live for an episode featuring the music of Album of the Year nominees boygenius. A highlight from the episode, at least in this writer's opinion, was a short revolving around a would-be jumper with a catalog of decidedly underdeveloped original music.

See it below.

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