Steve-O Sides With Jonah Hill Over ‘Misogynist Narcissist’ Text Accusations, Says Actor ‘Didn’t Do Sh*t Wrong’

On the latest episode of his 'Wild Ride' podcast, Steve-O spoke about the recent controversy surrounding screenshot-captured texts shared by the actor's former girlfriend.

steve-o and jonah hill on the red carpet
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steve-o and jonah hill on the red carpet

Steve-O has given his take on the recent media attention surrounding screenshot-captured text messages from Jonah Hill to his former girlfriend, Sarah Brady.

As previously reported, Brady referred to Hill as a "misogynist narcissist" and a "misogynist hiding in plain sight" when sharing a number of screenshots to social media earlier this month. At the top of the latest episode of his Wild Ride podcast, Steve-O said Hill “didn’t do shit wrong” in his messages.

“I wanna say that Jonah Hill didn’t do shit wrong. … I mean, dude, I read his texts," Steve-O said. "They weren’t bad. He was like, look, he said, if you want to, like, hang out with dudes or post pictures in your bikini or have, like, relationships with unhealthy chicks then I’m not the partner for you. Easy.”

This spurred some back-and-forth among his Steve-O co-hosts before he elaborated further on the more general topic of this type of dynamic in hetero relationships. 

“It’s more normal for chicks to tell their dudes not to hang out with chicks,” he said at one point, adding that he himself is “very sensitive” to this particular issue “because of my checkered past and sexual addiction.”

About 59 minutes into the episode, Hill was brought up again, with Steve-O further defending the nature of the text messages.

“I submit that Jonah Hill … was even courteous in those texts,” he said, prompting further back-and-forth from his co-hosts.

Toward the end of the episode, available in full below, Steve-O and the team shared their closing remarks on the story. In short, Steve-O argued that the texts in question appeared to come from someone “who’s working on himself” after prior bad experiences.

“It’s not just because I think it would be great to have Jonah Hill on the podcast,” he said. “I genuinely don’t think he did shit wrong. I read his texts and I have no issue with it.”

As for the decision to take the texts public, the entire Wild Ride team appeared to be in agreement in their questioning of that move.

“That’s the kook piece. … It was to assassinate his character, to compromise his livelihood,” Steve-O said. “She was trying to bring him down. She’s a bad person.”

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At the time of this writing, Hill himself has not publicly commented on the texts.

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