Squidward Tentacles Was Reportedly Arrested for Drunk Driving

Not cool, Squid.

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Rodger Bumpass, a.k.a. the voice behind noted celebrity Squidward Tentacles, may be in some serious trouble with Nickelodeon after reportedly being arrested on suspicion of DUI on Friday. The SpongeBob SquarePants star was detained in Burbank after police were called to the area and spotted Bumpass "leaning against a blue PT Cruiser" in the middle of the street, the Los Angeles Times reports.

As responding officers attempted to approach the 64-year-old voice actor, he reportedly attempted to walk away before taking a tumble and prompting a field sobriety test. Bumpass failed the test, with a breathalyzer revealing his blood alcohol content to be "more than double" the legal limit.

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Bumpass, however, has a much different idea of what exactly went down. Speaking with TMZ on Wednesday, Bumpass claimed that cops were lying about his arrest due to the fact that he had not been discovered "leaning against a blue PT Cruiser" but had instead been pulled over by a police vehicle.

According to Bumpass, he's already been in touch with the Powers That Be over at Nickelodeon and is currently "uncertain" of his future plans with the network. In addition to his work on SpongeBob, Bumpass has also contributed vocal acrobatics to TaleSpin, The Angry Beavers, Teen Titans, Toy Story 2, and a huge list of other classics.

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