'Simpsons' Fans Relentlessly Troll News Station With Fake Springfield-Related Crime Reports

If only life really could resemble a classic 'Simpsons' episode. Determined Simpsons fans simply can’t get enough of the joy that only a proper news station.

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Determined Simpsons fans simply can’t get enough of the joy that only a proper news station trolling can deliver, with 7 News Australia taking their status as the target in commendable stride. The Australian outlet’s official Facebook page, as first reported by BuzzFeed News, is now the frequent recipient of seemingly urgent crime reports that often turn out to be little more than the work of admittedly talentedSimpsons historians:

7 News Perth Text Messages

The station, who recently reported with some urgency on one daring man’s attempt at enduring an uncontrollable hiccup fit, doesn’t seem to always reply to these reality-crashing Simpsons references. However, when they do, they at least have enough human decency to play along:

7 News Australia Text Messages

This should-be-framed-immediately screenshot art just keeps piling up over at the Four Finger Discount Simpsons fan page, with a hopefully endless variety of equally hilarious faux Springfield-related crime reports:

7 News Sydney Text Messages
7 News Adelaide Text Message
7 News Australia "Wallet Inspector" Text Message
7 News Australia Convenience Store Hold Up Text Message

Not ones to let this inspirational act of trolling remain confined to the lucky staff of 7 News, fans of the longest-running American sitcom of all time have recently started spreading the magic elsewhere:

Ten Eyewitness New Perth Text Message

Keep this utopian dream alive, Simpsons fans. The spirit of Springfield is priceless. The currency exchange rate of dollarydoos is not.

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