When your country's currency is in trouble, where do you turn? To Homer Simpson and company, obviously. A continued slump in the price of something definitely not boring called "key export commodities" in Australia has reportedly made economic growth increasingly difficult, while simultaneously wrecking the value of the Australian dollar. In fact, daily fluctuations in the dollar are now considered "largely beyond government control," according to 9 News.

Thankfully, nearly 15,000 financial experts Change.org petition signers have the answer: dollarydoos:

Due to global commodity prices plummeting, the Australian economy is struggling. That's why we need something to stimulate the Australian economy and that something is changing the name of the Australian currency to 'Dollarydoos'. This will make millions of people around the world want to get their hands on some Australian currency due to the real life Simpsons reference, driving up the value of the Australian currency. If the leaders of this great nation have any common sense at all, they will introduce legislation to parliament to change the name of our currency as soon as possible.

True Simpsons heads will note that this "dollarydoos" suggestion, as displayed in the admittedly less-than-HD clip above, is a semi-old Simpsons reference stemming from an episode wherein Bart makes a collect call (what are those?) to a family in Australia just to ask which way the water spins as it exits the sink. Classic Bart.

However, one troubling suggestion risks undermining the possibility of this dollarydoo domination:

Yeah, let's not do that one.