It's good to know that after 26 years, The Simpsons are still there when you need them most—to expose Marco Rubio as a malfunctioning robot, make Donald Trump break dance, and force Hillary Clinton to choke out her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders with a pearl necklace.

The American institution took a break from its current 27th season to release a standalone short on YouTube titled "The Debateful Eight" the morning after Trump and Clinton emerged as winners in the South Carolina primary, and there really isn't a single candidate that's safe from the animated series' writers.

The video has Marge waking up from a nightmare brought on by all the trash talking going on among the presidential hopefuls this primary season. Homer's advice: go back to sleep and imagine a world where “Republicans, Democrats and Donald Trump all get along.”

Things start out alright as the candidates sing "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You," but things get violent quickly as we learn that Barbara Bush taught Jeb! to aim for the crotch and that Trump's wispy golden mane allows him to do an ill headspin before setting Ted Cruz up for a nasty sucker punch from John "I'm the nice one" Kasich.

Cartoon Ben Carson, much like the real-life Ben Carson these days, is there for some reason, but goes pretty much ignored.

It's good to see The Simpsons staying relevant, and actually getting ahead of the game to try new stuff. Fox announced last week that a future episode will feature Homer taking live questions from the audience via motion capture technology.