It ain't nothing to stunt if you're Drake, or Bart Simpson. But before we explain the latter let's recall Saturday Night Live's successful "Hotline Bling" parody featuring a Donald Trump cameo and then when "Hotline Bling" was officially put to rest thanks to American Horror Story. The Simpsons remake of the Nothing Was the Same hit video is like the former. After recently gifting us a with a video short titled "The Debateful Eight"—in which the presidential candidates channel the violence of its namesake The Hateful EightThe Simpsons brings us a "Started From the Bottom" remake starring Bart Simpson. 

It all starts when Bart lets a homeless woman crash in his closet for $1 a day as reported by MTV. She decides to pay him a week's worth in advance and Bart quickly goes from self-proclaimed "slum lord" to Yung Slum Lord (what we presume is the rap name he'd take up) now that he has that rapper money. Like the 6 God, Bart starts flexing his stacks heading to the 98 cent store with his squad (Milhouse). There he cops important things like corn on the cob holders and sidewalk chalk. Bart even makes it rain on them girls throwing money candy, in slow-mo, of course.  

Watch Bart enjoy the finer things in life in the video here and hope that this means Drake will soon get a guest spot on The Simpsons.