Shia LaBeouf Says Soulja Boy Is a 'Sweetheart' Who Doesn't Need His Help Landing a Movie

Shia LaBeouf clearly isn't sweating Soulja Boy's ongoing Atlanta ban.

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Shia LaBeouf isn't sweating Soulja Boy's negotiation tactics. LaBeouf was approached byTMZ Thursday in Studio City and grilled about Soulja's recent update to the terms of the ongoing Atlanta ban, a ban that can apparently only be lifted in the event of a Transformers sequel starring Soulja Boy. LaBeouf, it's worth noting, hasn't been in a Transformers-related movie in, like, five years.

"I think he's awesome," LaBeouf said Thursday. When asked about Soulja's recent comments, LaBeouf brushed it off as nothing but talk. "Ah, he's a sweetheart bro," the American Honey star said. "He don't mean it." As for that whole Transformers proposition, LaBeouf noted that Soulja could probably land himself on the big screen without a LaBeouf co-sign. "I think he could do it on his own probably," he said. "He's a pretty enigmatic character."

.@souljaboy some recommendations from Shia's recent filmography

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Earlier that day, Soulja hit up TMZ with this: "You a bitch," Soulja said in a video message. "You can't come to Atlanta. Only way I'd give Shia LaBeouf a pass? He gotta put me in the next Transformers movie. Put me in a movie. Put me in something and you can come to Atlanta. I'll do a song with you and we can squash the beef."

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Given the confirmed power of LaBeouf's bars, I'd say that's a win-win conclusion:

Let's make this shit happen.

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