Soulja Boy is extending an olive branch to Shia LaBeouf to squash the feud—sort of. Shia dropped a freestyle earlier this week in response to Soulja Boy banning him from Atlanta and now we're getting the first response from the rapper.

"You a bitch. You can't come to Atlanta," he said in a video grabbed by TMZ. "Only way I'd give Shia LaBeouf a pass—he gotta put me in the next Transformers movie. Put me in a movie. Put me in something and you can come to Atlanta and I'll do a song with you and we can squash the beef."

But, If Shia doesn't put him in a movie, then Soulja is "going in just because you an actor." Of course, Shia isn't even listed in the credits for the last Transformers movie so that might be a hard request. "You don't have no business putting my name in your mouth. And he started it, you know what I'm saying? He dissed me first," the rapper adds.

Soulja does go on to admit that Shia "has bars" and a "nice delivery," but "when it comes to making hits, and selling music, I do this. I got platinum albums. I got a single that went diamond." After that, he warns Shia "to stick to acting, bro. This is not the lane you want to be in. When I drop my diss song, his career is gonna be over...I'm going to end his career period when it comes to music."

Watch Soulja Boy go off in the video above and look out for his diss song that he says is dropping tonight.