Seth Rogen on Singing With Donald Glover in 'Lion King': 'I'm Not Even Funnier Than He Is'

Seth hits up Milk Studios in NYC to talk smoking with La Flame, singing with Donald Glover, and more on 'Desus & Mero.'

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The kings of late night welcomed yet another illustrious-as-fuck guest Thursday night.

The recent Hot Ones guest (alongside Long Shot co-star Charlize Theron) joined Desus and Mero at Milk Studios in New York City for a discussion that rightfully kicked off with a deep-dive into matters of marijuana, including the continually weakening disparity between weed in Los Angeles and New York. 

"I live in LA, mostly, which, there's stores everywhere so it's not hard to get weed," Rogen said. "I've bought weed here in New York and it's an adventure every time. You don't know when the guy's gonna show up . . . It sends me back to high school and I'm like 'When's this motherfucker gonna call?'"

As for those LA/NYC differences in quality and general procurement procedures, Rogen has noticed an improvement in recent years. "I find that now I think they just get LA weed everywhere," he said. "I think there's so much of it. In general, the weed I've found in New York has gotten a lot better in the last 10 years or so."

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Asked to detail his most memorable weed-smoking sessions with fellow creators, Rogen pointed to a very recent one with Travis Scott. "I recently was smoking weed with Travis Scott, just me and him comprise a weird weed-smoking circle," he said. "We get along really well. That was just, like, a week ago so it's fresh in my head. You always get along pretty well with people [who smoke]."

Later, Rogen's appearance in Disney's upcoming fresh take on The Lion King was discussed after some Timon and Pumbaa casting jokes. 

"I did have to sing in a small room with Donald Glover, which, like, it's one of the worst things I've ever had to do in my entire fucking life," Rogen recalled of working with the recent Guava Island star, who plays Simba in director Jon Favreau's film. "Normally, I'm in those types of situations and I'm able to tell myself 'Oh, I'm funnier than this person' but I'm not even funnier than he is, I don't think. I have nothing on him. He is more handsome, he sings better, and he's arguably just as funny as I am . . . It was a bummer. It bummed me out for a long time."

In a non-Rogen segment from Thursday's show, the hosts notably discussed the issue of "Diet Beyoncé." The actual Beyoncé, of course, is set to appear alongside Rogen and Glover in The Lion King.

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