Kendall Jenner Busts Rob Kardashian for Obviously Regifting iPad to Blac Chyna

Not exactly smooth, Rob. Come on!

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The art of regifting is no easy art to master. The first unwritten rule of regifting, of course, is to only regift to those outside your immediate social circle. When this very crucial role is ignored, you run a relatively high risk of getting totally busted on television just like our guyRob Kardashian.

"I gave that to him for Christmas!" a clearly perturbed Kendall Jenner tells Kylie Jenner upon learning of the regifted iPad in a clip from this Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiere. "Did you give him a keyboard or no?" King Kylie, on the phone with Kim Kardashian during the revelation, asks Kendall. "I'm so mad!" Kendall tells the increasingly tense room. "I would have given that to someone else!"

Kendall then convinces King Kylie to give Rob a quick call, all in the name of a good old-fashioned confrontation. "That's the first time you've ever given me a gift your entire life!" Rob, who recently splurged on a purple Lamborghini for Blac Chyna, says. "You're hilarious. Buy it yourself, you moron."

Though Kendall spends a decent amount of seconds in this KUWTK clip as someone with a "bad history" with the fam, recent events have alerted us to the (perceived) truth. King Kylie and Chyna briefly paused time last week by revealing that, much to the delight of conspiracy theorists the world over, they've actually been BFFs this whole time. So maybe this whole iPad thing is just water under (or at least very near) the bridge?

Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a.k.a. How I Learned to Stop Regifting Kendall Jenner's Underwhelming Xmas Gifts, dives back into the TV discussion with the start of its 12th season on Sunday. Will that regifted iPad go well with the purple Lambo? Keep it locked for the revelation.

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