The saga of rich people giving rich people cars to each other continues today with an Instagram photo showing that Rob Kardashian has gifted his future wife and relationship goals hero Blac Chyna with a shiny purple Lamborghini. "Thank you baby," wrote Chyna in the caption of the photo featuring her and Rob looking satisfied as hell. 


The manufacturer's suggest retail price on a new Lamborghini Huracan: $237,250. That's apparently the price for the "base" model Huracan, by the way, but who wants that trash? And just in case you need a better look, Chyna followed up the first post with a video of the exotic car. 


While we're playing this game, let's just point out that the Lambo is right in the same price range as the $260,000 Ferrari 458 Spider that Tyga gifted Kylie Jenner on her 18th birthday, thus kicking off this whole exotic sports cars arms race. See Tyga seemingly taunted his ex, and baby's mother, Blac Chyna, with that Ferrari, tagging a photo #WhereYoFerrariTho. Amber Rose got involved, saying her BFF Chyna could driver her Ferrari, and it just continued on from there. Chyna bought an Audi right after that, but that wasn't really the right look. 

So it took about six months, but now Chyna has her own crazy expensive, exotic sports car that will never even reach a third of its top speed on any Los Angeles street. Congratulations, somebody's about to get a jet for their next birthday.