Blac Chyna Warns Fans Against Sending Nudes After Rob Kardashian Makes His Snapchat Debut

What exactly is going on?

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The formerly elusiveRob Kardashian, currently making waves with Blac Chyna in the name of alleged love, has followed up his recent Instagram revival with another feather in his social media cap: Snapchat. Chyna made the big reveal on Monday night with a screengrab of Rob's lovely new username (RobPhukedMe), Us Weekly heroically reports.

Shortly after the announcement, Rob hit the snaps to share a relatively indecipherable message of gratitude:

Chyna, who recently made back-to-back headlines with an alleged drunk-and-disorderly arrest in Austin and some equally alleged ecstasy, promptly followed Rob's Snapchat debut with a reasonable warning message for anyone considering the practice of sending nudes to Rob:

As noted early Tuesday, TMZ is reporting that the Kardashians are currently quite concerned with Rob's chances of suffering a relapse. In fact, unnamed sources say the family received a call from one of Rob's former party partners claiming that Rob had been actively calling other former party partners for some allegedly drug-related favors.

Coupled with the fact that Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian just shared a Twitter-smashing peace selfie only hours earlier, one has to ask: What exactly is going on here?

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