Rob Kardashian Has Reportedly Moved In With Blac Chyna

On Tuesday, Rob trolled everyone on the 'gram with some baby talk.

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Blac Chyna reportedly has a new roommate, and the fresh tenant's name may or may not be Rob Kardashian. Rob moved out of his spot in Khloe Kardashian's house just five days ago after sliding into the DMs, TMZ reports. Predictably unnamed sources say that Rob is definitely not trying to troll his family by pursuing a relationship with Chyna, though his decidedly troll-esque 'gram on Tuesday about maybe having a baby with her is certainly something to ponder intensely.

Though the rest of the Kardashian crew has remained relatively silent regarding this potential Rob-Chyna coupledom, Kylie Jenner did manage to cause a ridiculous stir among devil-fearing Instagram commenters after jokingly 'gramming something about Rob's behavior resembling that of a goofy goat-like creature.

Sources tell TMZ that Rob is taking advantage of Chyna's home gym to get back in shape after recently being diagnosed with diabetes, though these same sources argue that the rest of the Kardashians believe that Chyna is simply taking advantage of a vulnerable person to get back at King Kylie over a plethora of Tyga-related happenings.

Thus, the investigation continues.

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