Rainn Wilson Quizzes Billie Eilish on 'The Office' After Her 15th Rewatch

Like plenty of us right now, Billie Eilish just wrapped up another rewatch of the American version of 'The Office.' To celebrate, she joined Rainn Wilson on IG.


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When largely stuck at home for social distancing reasons, it's only fair to take another full series dive into the American iteration of The Office. For Billie Eilish, that meant doing so for the 15th time.

Eilish recently linked up with Office star Rainn Wilson for an episode of the SoulPancake Instagram series Hey There, Human, ultimately chopping it up about COVID-19 era coping practices and putting the recent Office rewatch to good use with a trivia challenge.

"I just finished watching The Office for the 15th time a few days ago. ... I have tried [to move on] but I can't do anything about it. I don't know," Eilish said around 10 minutes into the video below. "But yeah, this is the 15th time. Every time I hit that episode that says 'finale,' I'm always like 'Goddamnit.'"

Eilish then detailed how the social distancing era has affected her life. At first, she explained, she enjoyed the break from her typically hectic schedule.

"The first half of this actually was really nice for me," she said. "I'm not trying to discredit anybody's agony for how hard it's been for some people, but I gotta be honest, the first half of this was very freeing for me. Because I haven't really had time off at all in, like, four years. So it was nice. It was raining. There wasn't anything weird going on. It was very calming."

At one point, being creative during this period proved difficult as "it's been very uninspiring to create." That changed, however, and she eventually was able to craft "a bunch of stuff" while striking a balance between creativity and rest.

Naturally, this all leads into a quick quiz about Office facts. Watch the full interview and/or test your own expertise re: Michael Scott & Co. via the IG embed above.

As fans of both will recall, this doesn't mark the first video of its kind:

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