Pregnant Woman Trashes Cheating Husband's Car After Catching Him on a Date

Do you have infidelity insurance?

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At the risk of kicking off another worthy but generally endless debate on the possible modern shortcomings behind a truly monogamous relationship, let's just state the obvious: cheating often has some highly tweetable consequences. Man cheats, gets flame dick. Woman cheats, gets busted on Snapchat. These are things that actually happen. However, this latest recorded example of those who subscribe to the vigilante relationship justice code of ethics is quite possibly one of the most karma-cosigned entries in the catalog.

The hectic footage above allegedly shows an unidentified Brazilian woman doing her absolute best to destroy her husband's car after catching him on an apparent lunch date with his mistress, the Daily Mail urgently reports. The woman, who is reportedly pregnant with her philandering husband's child, is seen stomping on the car before calmly grabbing a rock and sending it through a window. As her husband apparently dines on a deliciously prepared meal of remorse and regret at a nearby restaurant, the woman then starts taking off chunks of glass with her bare hands.


"Man Cheats, Gets Car Totaled." Add that one to the never-ending saga of vigilante relationship justice practicers.

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