Fantastic Four might not be getting a sequel, but that news hasn't deterred the obvious momentum of the infamous legend of the Cocky Snapcheater. Since this latest example of getting profoundly busted via Snapchat doesn't involve the same people (characters?) and is thus not a sequel, let's just call this one a reboot:

Snapchat / Daily Mail

A suspicious boyfriend actually took the time to pose as another man on Snapchat in an effort to "trap" his purportedly cheating girlfriend, reports the Daily Mail. The man, who remains unidentified, apparently decided to get his revenge by sharing some of the intimate snaps he received from the equally unidentified woman on Facebook. However, as noted by the Mail’s reporters, many are questioning the authenticity of not only the photos, but the story itself:

Facebook / Daily Mail

This boyfriend / detective apparently set up the fake Snapchat account using pics of his friend and presumed cheater accomplice, also understandably described quite eloquently as "unidentified." For additional Snapchat-related melodrama, do peep this underrated Cocky Snapcheater spin-off.