Finding out the treacherous news that you're being cheated on by your significant other can lead you to two roads diverged in a yellow wood or whatever. You could either smash their BMW in a parking lot full of people or you could stage an elaborate feat of revenge. This guy went with the more humiliating (for the cheater) route by faking an all-too romantic proposal before dumping his girlfriend, Bro Bible reports.


YouTuber user beanyneilpudsey posted the 16-minute long video today, which has already racked up almost a million views. In it he details how he found out his girlfriend Alex, and wife-to-be (Ouch), had been cheating on him with some guy named Thomas Rue all while planning their wedding. He had all the evidence needed: texts, Facebook messages, scantily clad photos. He found out on Halloween and waited until Nov. 19 to break up with her, planning this big charade in the time in between. Without spoiling the video too much I'll just say there's a fake romantic getaway involved and "It Must Have Been Love (But It’s Over Now)" plays in the background at some point. The first half of the video is him explaining all of this and his plans for the proposal, so you can start watching at the 7:00 minute mark. This might be the ultimate cheating revenge.