Pokémon Go Is Testing a New Tracking Feature That Will Make Catching Them All Way Easier

Pokémon Go is beta testing a new tracking feature and brought back the battery-saving mode.

Pokémon GO
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Pokémon GO

Darwinian near-death experiences aside, Pokémon Go is still a certified phenomenon of mobile gaming. The wave of headlines and ill-advised political tie-ins may have passed, but the game's massive base of dedicated players most certainly has not. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has now started rolling out some fresh features that should keep those seeking to catch them all satisfied for, I don't know, at least a few days?

First we have the whole banning of third-party tracking apps issue, which the Vergereported Niantic is clearly very aware of given that they’re currently testing a new native tracking system. The new system, currently in beta, actually closely resembles the feel of those banned third-party apps. Simply click on a gym, for example, and a list of nearby Pokémon is populated.

Though not all players will have immediate access to the new version of the Nearby Pokémon feature, the 1.3 update will provide everyone with the return of the briefly absent battery-saving mode and some minor bug fixes. Thus, your quest to catch them all will now come complete with far fewer hiccups.

Not here for any of this? We got you. Here's a story about a Pokémon Go player so damn dedicated to the chase, he chose beer and Pokémon over a necessary hospital visit after getting stabbed by a random dude. Respect.

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