Honest Pokémon Go Trailer Accuses Players of Being More Annoying Than Vape Enthusiasts

Pokémon Go gets its own "honest trailer" and vapers everywhere are about to be bummed.

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Is honesty overrated? Usually. But a subtle dash of honesty can go a long way toward bringing about mass epiphany or, at the very least, making a few people laugh. The Smosh Games team has taken that approach with their just-released "Honest Trailer" for Pokémon Go, the wildly popular augmented reality game that we shouldn't really have to explain to you here.

According to this slice of alleged honesty, Pokémon Go can be best described as a "groundbreaking combination of mild cardio, Google Maps, and paper toss." Pokémon Go, the frustrated narrator asserts, gives players the unique opportunity to become "part of the trend [that's] more popular and annoying than people who take vaping seriously." Ouch. That's low dude.

The trailer also highlights the game’s territory (real life) for its unique but unforgiving "permadeath system," a system many players have already tested. Just ask the Pokémon Go player who got stabbed but kept playing (and even grabbed some beer) before hitting the hospital. Or you can ask the guys who walked off a cliff while in hot pursuit. Or, better yet, ask literally anyone you know and they will likely have a similar story to share.

Angry haters aside, the success of Pokémon Go has been very kind to the Nintendo empire. However, as the Hollywood Reporterannounced Wednesday, the game's major winnings won't equal immediate returns for the iconic Japanese company.

The game was actually developed by Niantic under license from The Pokémon Company, a company in which Nintendo has a 32 percent stake. According to THR, Nintendo also has a "similarly sized stake" in Niantic. Nintendo reported a $232 million net loss Wednesday and confirmed that the release of Pokémon Go Plus, a potentially profitable extension for the OG game, would be delayed from the end of this month to September.

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