Pete Davidson and Ice Spice: Fake Romance Rumors Go Viral

Pete Davidson, notably, was recently photographed alongside current reported flame Chase Sui Wonders at a NASCAR event in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Pete Davidson and Ice Spice are pictured

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Pete Davidson and Ice Spice are pictured

A rumor of the “not real” variety has ensnared both Pete Davidson and Ice Spice.

The tweets have been plentiful this week in the wake of purported news of the two doing some dating, although any such purported news does not appear to have stemmed from any one source. In fact, as many already knew and as was further highlighted by TMZ on Tuesday, the rumors in question have indeed been widely determined to be entirely fake.

But that hasn’t stopped many from continuing to engage with the would-be coupling, resulting in an expected avalanche of commentary.

Pete Davidson dating ice spice? Streets is done ☠️😭

— vids that go hard (@vidsthatgohard) February 27, 2023

First bad bunny and Kendall
Now ice spice and Pete Davidson

— madi⁷ Jimin #1 on hot 100 🥢 (@jjminhope) February 28, 2023

pete davidson is dating ice spice

— K. (@hovseofbIack) February 28, 2023

Me telling my sons about this Pete Davidson run:

— Depressed Titans Fan (@james_mac16) February 28, 2023

Living in the multiverse where Pete Davidson bagged Ice Spice

— Ricky Spanish (@_TheUnserious) February 28, 2023

Ice Spice: "I'm single."


— Joshua Gale (@joshuagale75) February 28, 2023

Pete Davidson is reportedly dating ex-mob wife Ginny Sack

— The Sopranos Guy™ (@uncle_june) February 28, 2023

Although neither Davidson nor Spice have directly commented on any of this, the proposed pairing also stands as the latest in a long line of imagined Davidson couplings. Amid this week’s wave of Ice Spice speculation, for example, a Sopranos fan account tweeted out a news-style update stating that Davidson was “reportedly dating ex-mob wife Ginny Sack.”

While Davidson (who was mere days ago photographed alongside Chase Sui Wonders in Daytona Beach) is known for rarely doing interviews, he did do one with this very writer earlier this month. The footballian mayonnaise-spurred discussion ultimately saw Davidson shouting out Uncle Paulie’s sandwiches, urging the importance of hydration, teasing knowledge about “a Joe Pesci martini,” and revealing his Daughtry fandom.

Revisit the riveting read in full right here.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice linked with PinkPantheress earlier this month for a remix of the latter’s “Boy’s a Liar.” Hear it here.

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