Paris Police Reportedly Testing Recovered Piece of Kim Kardashian Jewelry for DNA

Paris police may have recovered a piece of stolen Kim Kardashian jewelry and are now looking into possible DNA evidence.

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An item from Kim Kardashian's stolen jewelry collection has reportedly been recovered in Paris. A platinum mounted diamond cross pendant from Jacob and Co. was found by a pedestrian outside the apartment building where Kardashian was staying when she was robbed at gunpoint, TMZreported Monday.

The item, possibly dropped by one of the unidentified men who stormed the apartment complex and made off with millions in jewelry, is said to be worth $33,180 on its own. Local police are now looking into whether any DNA traces can be obtained from the recovered piece of jewelry, one of an estimated 13 items stolen during the harrowing attack.

A separate report from the Hollywood Reporter last week claimed authorities were also searching for a "mysterious limo" seen in security footage circling the area near Kardashian's Paris apartment. The footage, obtained from a nearby shoe store, reportedly shows a black limo with blacked-out windows making multiple rounds near the No Address Hotel just minutes before the robbery took place.

The concierge at the building also broke his silence last week, detailing in an open letter first circulated by French magazine Closer the moments leading up to the encounter. "When you feel the cold steel of a gun at your neck, it is the moment when remaining calm can mean the different of life or death, both our lives," the concierge, who was also held at gunpoint, said in an excerpt from the Daily Mail. "I hope you are feeling better."

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