O.J. Simpson Reportedly Thinks Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Head Is "Too Small" for the Part

Jeffrey Felix, a former prison guard, says O.J. also thinks Cuba isn't tall enough.

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According to the subject of the highly tweetable American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, there's one key detail the filmmakers totally botched: the purported hugeness of his head. "[O.J.] can’t watch it, but he’s heard a lot about it," former Nevada prison guard Jeffrey Felix tells Page Six. According to Felix, whose informatively titled book Guarding the Juice is apparently coming soon, Simpson is also "upset" about how the series portrays him as "guilty."

"O.J. says [Cuba Gooding Jr.’s] not tall enough and his head is too small," Felix reveals, noting that O.J. does indeed have "a huge head." To drive home this point of general head hugeness, Felix also claims that Simpson's two prison nicknames are "Bobble Head" and "Buffalo." Simpson is currently behind bars for an armed robbery conviction.

As for Simpson's thoughts on that flunked lie detector scene, he's apparently not pleased. "O.J. told me [years ago] he passed the lie detector," Felix says, noting that the episode's portrayal represented an indisputable flunk. In addition to these frustrations, Simpson remains "upset" over how the series—which he has reportedly never seen—assumes his guilt.

The Kardashians, though not as frequently the center of the action on American Crime Story, were also reportedly upset regarding their own respective portrayals. A scene depicting the young Kardashian children gathered around a television to watch their father read O.J.'s suicide note was deemed downright "ridiculous" by the family, TMZ reports. The series itself, however, has proven an undeniable blockbuster for FX by scoring network-best ratings.

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