Netflix Shares 'Jessica Jones' Final Season Trailer

New episodes for 'Jessica Jones' drop June 14.

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With the third and final season of Marvel's Jessica Jones, Netflix is promising that fans will "learn the truth."

Thursday brought a wild new trailer for the sendoff season of the MCU-expanding series, complete with a glimpse at just how much the stakes have risen since we last saw Krysten Ritter and company. Notably, we're also met with simultaneous characterizations of the title character as a hero and/or a fraud.

Jessica Jones kicks off the beginning of the end on June 14.

Earlier this week, Netflix shared some behind-the-scenes footage from Season 3's second episode, which notably marks Ritter's directorial debut.

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"Jessica Jones has been a big chunk of my adult life now," Ritter said of the "boot camp"-like learning experience of directing an episode. By taking on two complementary but distinctly different roles in the series production this go-around, Ritter further explained, she was able to "grow and challenge" herself with some assistance from a highly collaborative crew.

Ritter, whose name has also been mentioned this year among possible cast members for a new Breaking Bad project, is joined in the final round of Jones by Carrie-Anne Moss, Rachael Taylor, Tiffany Mack, Benjamin Walker, Aneesh Sheth, Sarita Choudhury, Jeremy Bobb, and more. As for that Breaking Bad continuation, word is that the project—maybe a movie, maybe a multi-part special—will hit AMC and Netflix in the (hopefully near) future.

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