Millie Bobby Brown Is 'Very Scared' About How 'Stranger Things' Ends

'Stranger Things' is back for a third round July 4.




Thanks to some well-played teases and the unlikely return of the taste buds abomination known as New Coke, we're all tuned in to the fact that Stranger Things returns to Netflix with its third season on the otherwise inconsequential date of July 4.

Following not too long after similar comments from co-star David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown (who will also be seen in this summer's Godzilla: King of the Monsters) confirmed that she too had been filled in on how, exactly, the entire series will end.

Asked by Digital Spy about Harbour's recent remarks, Brown confirmed she too had been given the intel.

"Me too, oh yeah," she said. "I know exactly what happens. Very scared."

As far as how much longer we can expect the Duffer Brothers to continue bringing us back to Hawkins, there's of course been no official announcement regarding a final season, with those involved with the production instead choosing to keep things vague while frequently suggesting one or two more years of Eleven and company.

Harbour also recently addressed the season 3 finale, telling Digital Spy it'll go down as the "most moving thing we've ever shot." Elaborating just a bit, he added that "it's very unexpected what happens in the end and it's very, very moving."

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