Lena Dunham Blasts Trump With 'Grabbed P*ssy' Halloween Costume

Lena Dunham flipped Donald Trump's sexual assault brag into a subversive Halloween costume.

As far as politically charged Halloween costumes go, this is a pretty dope one. Lena Dunham, star of HBO's Girls and co-creator of the weekly Lenny Letter publication, donned a cat costume and a pair of fake groping hands to mock Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's leaked Access Hollywood declaration that fame gives men the right to grab women "by the pussy."

"Happy Halloween!' Dunham wrote on Instagram Monday. "With love from a Grabbed Pussy [sic]." Dunham even marked the occasion with a handy dated tag, joking that "some labels are good labels."

Dunham, who's been a vocal supporter of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton since the top of election season, recently revealed she would like Trump to check out an episode of Girls. In fact, she already has the perfect episode in mind: "One Man's Trash," guest starring Patrick Wilson as an older dude who ends up having a weekend affair with Dunham's character Hannah. "Just to bust open what a cool guy is and what makes a woman 'a 10,'" Dunham told the New York TV Festival audience last week, Varietyreported. "I just want to fuck with his mind."

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Since the Washington Postpublished the Access Hollywood tape last month, Trump's remarks have cast a long shadow over the entire election. Billy Bush, who was on the bus with Trump at the time of the "by the pussy" comment and was promptly dubbed the GOP nominee's "hug pimp" by John Oliver, was eventually fired from his position at Today before getting bashed by fellow NBC alum Jay Leno on Monday's Tonight Show.

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