Kylie Jenner Stops by 'Ellen' to Swiftly (and Awkwardly) Put All Those Tyga Rumors to Rest

Rest easy, world.

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Sometimes love feels like it’s super real and definitely going to happen for everyone. Then again, love can also feel like a remarkably cruel facade that everyone just mindlessly participates in like a noticeably more adult version of Santa Claus. Bummer. However, if the seemingly iffy relationship status of Kylie Jenner and Tyga has left you so profoundly sleep-deprived over the past couple weeks that you feel you simply can’t go on, then King Kylie’s latest update should pull you back into a slightly more peaceful existence:

"We’re not broken up," Kylie told Ellen DeGeneres during an interview scheduled to air next week. "We’re just, I don’t know, hanging out. Living life." When quizzed about the definition of the phrase "hanging out," Kylie summarized her relationship with Tyga as such: "We’re still together." Though a recent Snapchat entry implied that news of this nature was coming soon, Kylie's "still together" admission is still a relative surprise given the fact that the couple seemed slightly less than together just days ago.

Love, as it turns out, is real again. Bummer cured.

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