Kim Kardashian Says She Was on Ecstasy During Sex Tape and First Wedding

Kim Kardashian talks ecstasy and thousands of news outlets trip over themselves to write about it.

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If you're going to put yourself through the brutal rigors of the futile human promise ceremony known as marriage, you might as well be high for it.

And yes, even as fascism continues to take hold and climate change continues to be ignored (et al.), multiple news outlets will indeed inundate you with words about a few lines on ecstasy, marriage, and a sex tape from a new Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode.

During the episode in question, Kim Kardashian says this:

I got married on ecstasy. No, the first time. I did ecstasy once and I got married, I did it again and I made a sex tape. Like everything bad would happen.

Then, asked to clarify that she was on said ecstasy during the tape, she added:

Absolutely! Everyone knows it, like my jaw was shaking, like, the whole time.

Speaking of ecstasy, Kanye West released this back in August.

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So, yeah, try ecstasy in a safe and supportive environment or whatever.

Anyway, Kardashian hit Ellen DeGeneres' show last week to announce the donation of $500,000 to California fire relief from Kanye West, Yeezy, and Adidas. "Kanye, Yeezy, and Adidas wanted to donate to you guys $100,000 so that you guys can, you know, begin to pick up the pieces, you know?" Kardashian said when announcing a $100,000 donation to Michael and Lisa Williams. The Williams' house was lost to the fire. Michael, a firefighter, and Lisa were presented with a check on DeGeneres' show. Additional checks were given to the California Fire Foundation and the California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund.

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